Online dating an exercising Muslim/Nation of Islam man.Ok before any individual becomes upset

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Online dating an exercising Muslim/Nation of Islam man.Ok before any individual becomes upset

Okay before people will get upset, i did not should make the thread subject too-long, but I’m sure that Muslims (Sunni and Shiite) are two various sects of this religion, and therefore the world of Islam is its own sect.

In any event, another chap that i have going talking-to, is aside in the country of Islam. I am Christian, therefore I know we are going to have some different outlooks on existence from hop. Therefore yesterday evening we had a tremendously telling talk about all of our horizon on dating/relationships, so girls on LSA I just wish to know should you decide all have comparable activities with men which can be within this faith/culture. Let me simply present 3 regarding the red flags that gone up inside my notice.

Warning sign number 1: the guy informs me directly, which he’s sexist. The guy feels within the “conventional” commitment parts for males and women, hence women can be to check out their particular man. I asked him practically or figuratively? In which he mentioned figuratively, but that guy has got the final declare about creating conclusion. All right first, i will manage one becoming old-fashioned, although method the guy phrased it set-off some alarm systems in my mind.

Warning sign #2: He doesn’t believe he should response to a female. At this time, the discussion grabbed an interesting turn. And so the example was thrown out truth be told there, if we’re in a relationship and that I capture your cheating, the guy doesn’t think he’s got to explain himself if you ask me? He said want Mexican dating, it couldn’t actually can that point because he’d merely tell me he had been witnessing somebody else. Thus I questioned your does it succeed right? He previously no response. Oh ok.

Red Flag # 3: every one of his connections originated FWB conditions. That’s just not regular any time you ask me, he says that a sweetheart and FWB in principle are very comparable, except the guy tends to make themselves much more readily available for the sweetheart and has further attitude on her behalf. I assume that is true in a way. but I’m not actually purchasing that. Thus obviously I asked your if he was dealing with additional ladies, the guy said yeah its two, i have to’ve generated a face because then he said, really i enjoy you and would you like to continue spending time to you. Like that had been designed to succeed better?

The guy said various other off the beaten track shit, but fundamentally the guy basically provided this case like. yeah you are one of the main in my own harem! ***** no!! By the end regarding the nights, I became very taken from the dialogue. I have never outdated or really handled a Muslim/Islamic guy before, so is this standard? I am aware the Islamic faith can be a culture, and that the men are your head and also the women are to be seen and never read, however it was something in the way which he displayed their horizon that kinda bothered me personally.

Very so is this just the standard regarding men for this trust or he could be merely an arrogant, chauvinistic asshole?

why do you really do this to your self?he stated if he is caught cheat he does not have to explain? Also I am not sure anything about nation of Islam, but what I understand about Islam is you cannot really have gender if you don’t’re married, and so I don’t know the reason why he’s writing on FWB?Isn’t the guy said to be abstinent?

I really don’t imply to judge, but the guy just seems to grab whatever he wants from the nation of Islam (the sexism and polygamy) and that’s they. He utilizes their “conviction” to trick lady into thinking he’s got yet another view in life as a result of their faith, the reality is that’s their tips and then he conceals they behind the nation of islam thing that reinforces all of them (when they do this, because again I am not sure concerning this portion of Islam and whatever they have confidence in)

Kindly trust your self no less than if the guy can’t admire you.

to address the dating thing. he is some body newer you are witnessing. you have no commitment to both and so I see nothing wrong with your stating there are other lady he’s seeing but the guy enjoys spending time with you. if you decide to ever bring serious/exclusive. other girls should always be cut off

but seeing their view on infidelity is actually there isn’t to explain anything to you. this guy is actually telling you upfront he doesn’t want to be loyal. faith has nothing related to whatever he’s letting you know. the dude course is not really relationship content..i say see between the lines (which you do not even have accomplish because he is letting you know loud and clear). now you know very well what sorts of man he or she is. you may not read your self because of this guy.i say hell no..but it’s your option

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