The weirdest campus hookup tales uncovered. “I had an excellent spicy hookup sesh in piles in divinity collection…”

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The weirdest campus hookup tales uncovered. “I had an excellent spicy hookup sesh in piles in divinity collection…”

Supply: Kyler Russell

Caution: you may not be capable consider a number of your day-to-day university places the same exact way. Proceed with caution.

Recently, we requested individual profile to obtain a far better notion of the Vanderbilt hookup heritage. The responses? A reverberating outcry of extravagant, hysterical and “we’ve all been there” tales. Although it was tough to dig through all encounters, here are by far the most memorable campus hookup reports from the basic matter of this day.

Mention: the responses are in no particular order.

MRB III Bathroom

“MRB III restroom, from inside the handicap stall. We had been learning for a cell neurobiology test about 3rd floor of MRB III whenever we made a decision to grab a break… within the bathroom… in identical stall. Certainly got the brain liquid moving.”

Unique Kissam––before they started

“we took a tour of Kissam the afternoon it opened, because I became right here over the summer doing study. I was with my boyfriend, and we easily discovered that the doorways in Kissam comprise all unlocked, also the types which were not an element of the journey. Demonstrably, we took advantage of the vacant room, therefore I was probably among the first people to ever before have intercourse in latest Kissam HAHA beat that losers.”

Divinity Collection

“I’d a brilliant spicy hookup sesh into the piles in divinity collection…”

Classroom in Calhoun

“I hooked up in a class in Calhoun! Maybe not your normal finals study-sesh-turned-makeout-sesh though. We came back to their area after per night out and his awesome buddy at home straight away passed away from the ground. Couldn’t go to my personal space because we realized my personal roommate got asleep, so he suggested examining a box off his VanderBucket checklist and starting up in a room he previously class in. It had been interestingly much more comfortable than I’d anticipated. 10/10, would recommend to a friend.”

Shrubs outside Memorial Hall

“inside shrubbery outside Memorial facing Gillette…. To this day, the physics of it all nonetheless puzzle me.”

Roof of Furman

“I experienced sex on the top of Furman. Not the reduced ‘roof’ this is certainly obtainable by stairways behind from the strengthening, although real roofing system. We smashed through a number of gates and climbed a ladder through the hatch. It Absolutely Was wonderful.”

Frist Center for Visual Arts

“Diverging through the matter slightly but We have an incredibly delicious OFF university hookup area. Walking home from downtown one-night, boy and I made a pit visit a garden outside of the Frist heart for Visual Arts. Even though it is an artistic moment in my own lifestyle and I also nonetheless feel just like a legend… 0/10, wouldn’t normally advise (unless you prefer kneeling on timber potato chips overnight within the cool).”

an inflatable pool… on the top

“I’m an upperclassman, and I also connected with a freshman on the top of his Commons household in an expansive swimming pool he along with his pals put-up around.”

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