Top 9 Ways To Fix Windows 10 Search Not Working

November 9, 2021by admin0

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You need to Enable the User Account Control option. For home users, this feature is a proper bug unless it was enabled. Not many end users know about it, let alone how to enable it so this is probably something Windows 10 did during an upgrade or when you installed something, or changed a system setting. If you’re getting the “App Can’t Be Opened Using The Built-in Administrator Account In Windows 10” error on Windows 10 Home, you need to make an edit to the Windows registry. Open the run dialog with the Win+R keyboard shortcut. Now type the following command secpol.msc and hit Enter to open the Local Security Policy editor. Removed and it stayed removed this time and now all apps work!

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Your payment might have been declined because there are insufficient funds on your credit card. There also might have been some problems with your transaction.

How To Track Someone By Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing

Although FileSleek is a paid tool, but it has a powerful free version that should work fine for personal use. FileSleek is capable of finding both files/folders and content inside the files. Just provide search directory and what you are looking for in the file content. Searchmonkey will quickly find all the files and show a preview of the content right inside its interface. The content you searched for will be highlighted in red. FileSearchy lets you quickly search for data inside your PC and also the content inside the files.

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