Having meaningful conversations

November 13, 2020by Oludare Akinlaja0

What is a conversation? Look at work references live online casino. a talk, exchange of ideas which could be formal or informal, between two or more people.

What is an intelligent conversation?  An intelligent conversation has to do with two or more individuals who compare and contrast different views, ideas and thoughts concerning a particular topic or situation. It has to do with listening and understanding views from different persons and not trying to force your opinion on others.

It is an educative means of interaction. This conversation gives room for learning new things and reduces the sense of being dogmatic or stiff on an age long opinion or conclusion that one has arrived at in a long time. Intelligent conversations serve as an opportunity to unlearn what you have always known. Also, It helps to expand one’s knowledge base. To start an intelligent conversation and one needs to consider;

  1. Rigorous study and personal research so as to have an idea of what you want to speak on or know.
  2. Asking the right questions. It helps you know the interests of different individuals.
  3. You cannot have this type of conversation with anyone or everyone.
  4. Join groups.
  5. Let them know what interests you.

Intelligent conversations glide from small talks such as conversations on sports, politics, food etc. This is very evident as in our current age where most people are digitally inclined and we can hold conversations and reach out to people through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and the most popular Twitter. Views are shared on these platforms, football, legal views, political banters also health care advise are given as well as employment opportunities.      People tend to see questions like Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your long-term goals? What are your strengths? as “deep” because they come with a “serious” tone but they are needful questions that require deep thought and understanding to answer. Unlike Small talks which are polite conversations about unimportant things. But one cannot move into deep conversations immediately without starting with small talks.

We hold conversations daily so as to share the knowledge we have or learn more by interacting with other people to learn more. Ideally, some skills such as talking slowly to grasp the attention of your audience, paying attention to details, holding eye contacts, using the right words, offering interesting insight etc. are required in holding a conversation. Having an intelligent conversation requires maximum attention to understand not just to reply, ability to differentiate a from b and paying attention to the balance of life.

One can start this conversation by giving a compliment or praising someone such as “your car is nice or you smell great!’’ or asking questions like “did you watch the match yesterday?”. With this one can pick an area of interest and start a conversation from there.

Hence, conversations erupt in our day to day activities and on social media where people disagree and agree with the intention to convince. But beyond convincing, conversations start with asking the right questions. Ask questions that help you figure out what someone might be interested in. When you do, It opens channels to help you find mutual interests to make deeper, substantial and intellectual conversation in which learning is the major goal to be achieved.


Oludare Akinlaja

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